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5 Ways Staff Can Make Your Practice Successful

  • Your frontdesk / receptionist positions are the new patient’s first exposure to your practice.   Everyone knows that you never get a second chance to make a good first impression.   Having happy, welcoming people at your front desk or handling your phones is the first point of contact for many patients.   Make them want to come in and see who these awesome people are. You can do a background check of anyone here.
  • Assistants are generally the second point of contact as they typically lead a patient back to the op.   Here is the chance for the personal interaction that makes patients feel comfortable.   Little chart notes about what’s going on in the patient’s life can really make the difference for new employees.   Even a new employee can say, “I heard you went to Mexico recently, how was it?”
  • Great hygienists are the backbone of a thriving practice.   They typically see the patients more than anyone and are generally the ones who leave the lasting impression with patients.   A good hygienist can help the doctor decide on how to approach a patient’s concerns or tackle a tricky case, because they know how the patient is feeling in the moment.   The hygienist can quickly and efficiently communicate with the doctor any concerns or issues the patient may be having.
  • If you’re lucky enough to have a sterilization tech onboard, they can make everyone’s life easier.   They can reduce turnaround times and keep the assistants and hygienists focused on their number one priority … the patient.  Sterilization may be the unsung hero of the busy office.
  • Backoffice personnel are the ones your patients are going to be interacting with when it comes time to handle accounts receivable.   Pick who this is wisely.   They need to be firm, but nice.   A good back-office person can make people want to keep their accounts current.

As the doctor, you can decide where to skimp here.   I can say from experience that funneling your marketing expenses into staff pay makes for a great work environment.  Pay to have great people around you and your office will hum through its productive day.  Marketing will take care of itself.  We had a top 5% practice in our congested area for over 10 years and we spent nothing on marketing, but our staff costs were at the high end.   Personally we would rather spend time working with super employees than ad salesmen or marketing consultants.  No offense.

Some good places to look for top employees are:

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