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My name is Ben Sharpe and I have been managing the technical side of my wife’s dental practice for the last 10 years.  Before that I was a CEO of two Seattle startups and a software engineer at Apple, Inc.

There are lots of things about how computers are utilized in the modern dental practice that are really frustrating for me as a fluent user of technology.   I want things to be easy and simple for my wife and her employees so that they are as efficient as possible.   Efficiency in the dental practice produces two direct outcomes:  More income and better quality of life.  Both of these are very important to us.

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  1. Mike says

    Hey Ben,

    Love your blogs. I’m glad to find a fellow engineer running his wife’s practice, and enjoying the idiosyncracies of the “Dental Technology” world. My perspective comes from “appreciating” the electrical hardware engineering. Just curious, but what is your current IT setup?