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Dentrix G4 won’t display documents

One of our computers wouldn’t display any documents in the document center.  You could look things up, but you couldn’t view them.

Here are some things to check when this happens:

  • Is the path to the DocFiles set correctly?
  • Is a Flash Player installed?

Checking the preferences, I could see that the path to the DocFiles was set correctly, and it had me stumped.   But then I remembered this was one of the computers that I didn’t let Dentrix install of it’s “prerequisites” on.    Granted, I was setting myself up by not doing that, but if you read the post on the Borked Installer, you might understand why.   A lot of the software they want to install on a new machine is really, really old.   The Flash Player version 9 was one such ancient piece of software.   So, I went to the Adobe website and installed the most recent Flash Player (v10) and suddenly I could see all my documents in the document center.

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