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How to Attach Films to eClaims Without Using Dentrix Image

Requires: Dentrix 11 and eClaims

Dentrix 11 has the built in ability to add attachments to electronic claims submissions. Letters in the Document Center, Perio Charts and Text files can be easily attached.

For those people who are using Dentrix Image, you can also easily attach xray images to the claims with the button that says “Image.”

We, on the other hand, use a 3rd party imaging program. Dentrix does not enable the “Image” attachment button if you don’t use their products. However, there is a workaround.

Find the image you want to attach to the claim in your imaging program and export/save as… that image to some convenient place (like “My Documents”).

Next open the Document Center and select:

File > Document Types Setup…Add a new document type called “XRays” and click “Add”
Close the dialog.

Now find the patient in question.

Once you’ve found the patient, select:

Acquire > Import from file…and select the xray image you saved earlier. Set the type to “XRays.” Type a note and description and close.

Now, go to the patient’s ledger and open the claim you’re working on.

Check the box next to “Radiographs” and type in the number you are attaching.

Click on the “Document Center” button and select the document you just imported.

Tah-Dah! You’ve just successfully attached an image to an eClaim.

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